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Who We Are

Performitiv is an analytics technology company. Our solution measures impact and improves performance of programs and results for talent development that goes beyond the traditional evaluations and scorecards used today, as we have created a highly configurable, automated impact optimization process. The system serves as a centralized platform for the collection, reporting and analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs), derived from survey data and operational metrics. We have transformed what remains a tedious, tactical group of tasks executed in spreadsheets and shareware into an automated strategic process that benchmarks performance and communicates to stakeholders in ways that meaningfully improve quality, impact, compliance and value.

Meet the Team

Kent Barnett, Chief Executive Officer

Kent has been a pioneer in the Human Capital Analytics space for 25 years, and was previously the Founder and CEO of KnowledgeAdvisors and Metrics that Matter.  While CEO of KnowledgeAdvisors, Kent co-founded the Center for Talent Reporting and helped develop industry standards for talent reporting.

Prior to starting KnowledgeAdvisors, Kent was a Founder and President of Productivity Point International, which was the leading IT training company servicing major clients around the world. 

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Jeffrey Berk, Chief Operating Officer

Jeffrey oversees the day-to-day processes of Performitiv leading finance, human resources, sales, marketing, client and vendor operations. Jeffrey was previously COO of KnowledgeAdvisors, a learning analytics technology company and dScout, a mobile app technology company.

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Jeb Metric, Chief Technology Officer

Jeb oversees the strategy and operations for the Performitiv technology application and works closely with clients and team members to ensure clients generate valued insights while having a great user experience within a secure technology environment. Jeb was previously Senior Vice President of Product for KnowledgeAdvisors, a learning analytics technology company.

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Amy Rath, Senior Director of Client Success

Amy oversees client implementations and works closely with clients to ensure efficient and effective deployments of Performitiv, then partners with organizations to help ensure ongoing value realization. Amy was previously a Client Success Manager with Workday and prior to that Senior Director of Client Optimization with CEB.

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Zach Barnett, Director of Sales & Marketing Operations

Zach oversees marketing strategy, sales operations and business development for Performitiv. Zach was previously a Channel Marketing Analyst at Gartner.

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