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Measure and Improve Programs & Results


Benefits and Value

Performitiv is analytics software that optimizes program impact by demonstrating value and identifying improvement opportunities. This modern measurement system collects evidence of impact from methodology-sound surveys and automated, secure operational data uploads.

We go beyond traditional measurement tools to paint a complete picture of impact by automating the aggregation, integration and analyses of critical predictive and prescriptive data. Performitiv has transformed the practice of impact optimization from a tactical, reactive exercise, to a credible, cost-effective, repeatable measurement process.

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    Optimizing Talent: Introducing the Net Impact System

    A new industry standard has been developed to provide a blueprint for how talent and business leaders can begin to use data in more valuable ways. The Net Impact System (NIS) was developed by leading organizations and experts, leveraging the simplicity of the Net Promoter Score and the fundamentals of Six Sigma and Lean, specifically […]

    Case Study: Bankers Life

    Bankers Life determined they needed to invest in an automated learning measurement solution to improve administrative efficiency, enhance reporting capabilities and take action on the data.

    Measurement Culture Diagnostic

    Complete this brief survey to compare your organization’s measurement culture against leading standards with insights and suggested actions.


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    May 12

    Learning Measurement Using Impact Process Mapping


    May 20

    Talent Development Process Survey: Industry Insights


    June 2

    How to Build Simple, Effective Learning Evaluations for Program Milestones


    June 16-17

    Net Impact System Management Reporting Certification Workshop


    July 14

    How to Create and Sustain a Learning Measurement Culture





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