July 13, 2020

Elements of Modern L&D Measurement

A decade ago L&D was talking about data, 5 years ago it was analytics. But what’s next? Below is a brief list of the major elements that future-forward L&D organizations are incorporating into their current and future learning measurement functions.

Scientifically Sound Impact Measures

Proven Improvement Methodology

Meaningful Process Map to Link Strategy to Execution

Simplified Data Collection, Reporting

Link Impact Measures to Business Outcomes

Secure, reliable APIs to Integrate w/LMS

AI-Generated Prescriptive Measures

Performitiv is offering a free 1 day, virtual workshop where we explore these elements and more. It’s on September 15, learn more and register at https://performitiv.com/2020/05/05/virtual-learning-optimization-workshop-2/.

Thank you,

The Performitiv Team

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