Start Learning Measurement by Comparing Against an Impact Process Map

Learning measurement involves a variety of factors, from basic items like quality of design and delivery, all the way to financial cost/benefit. In order to have a complete view on the key learning measurement elements, one must start with a solid impact process map. Performitiv has a complete impact process map designed by and for learning professionals (see visual atop this post). It not only covers basic measurement needs like quality of learning, but differentiates between a business outcome (ex. sales) and a talent outcome (ex. culture), offering clear and simple methods to collect and report on these measurement items.

Do you want to understand how your learning measurement process aligns to this Impact Process Map? If so, take the Performitiv Learning Impact Process Map Diagnostic and in seconds you’ll get feedback and guidance to hep you rethink how your learning measurement process works and if it is focused on process and impact.

If you find you have gaps, contact us and we can help. Also consider attending our free, virtual learning impact measurement workshop on September 15 or our free webinar on measurement using impact process mapping on October 7.

Thank you,

The Performitiv Team

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