How to Measure Learning Better

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Measuring learning investments can be challenging. Why not learn how to do it better? We have a lot of demand for this type of learning as we operate in the learning measurement space. As a result, we have a 1-day workshop to teach these concepts. However, we teach in practical terms, not methodological approaches. We teach concepts you can apply that are sensitive to limited money, time and people. We teach ways to measure learning that can scale across a complex enterprise. We teach about evidence, not proof. So do you want to learn how to do learning measurement with us?

The following concepts will be covered:

Data Collection

— Understand how to fuse learning measurement methodology with performance improvement methodology.

— Review sample assessments to understand how to create simpler, impact-oriented instruments.

— Determine how to edit questions to make them more human and fun.

— Discuss how to create and use business and activity metrics to associate and correlate to learning over time.

Reviewing Reports

— Map audience types to report various impact ratings.

— Learn how to build fewer reports with more insights.

— Understand how to review tactical data for improvements.

— Understand how to do exploratory analysis to find evidence of impact.

— Understand how to build a scorecard to convey impact and value.

— Discuss methods to more effectively review verbatim/comments.

— Review how to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to support analysis.

Data Action

— Learn how to change the narrative of executive conversations to be more collaborative vs. controversial.

— Understand how to develop and use action plans to improve performance.

— Review the importance of workflow automation to create accountability.

The good news is that we have public workshops you can attend, possibly for free!

April 29th in Washington DC

May 7th in Chicago

May 13th in San Francisco

We hope to see you at one of these workshops!

Thank you,

The Performitiv Team

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