Introducing the Impact Optimization Roadmap


Over the past year, the Talent Development Optimization Council has been working towards defining the stages of a comprehensive continuous improvement model. Through this, we have identified a 4-stage process leading to optimization.

Stage 1 – Ad Hoc This is an early stage with no evaluation standards. This is typically seen when measurement is not strategic and primarily a tactical and decentralized effort.

Stage 2 – Standardized This is a step toward measurement maturity. It begins with standardizing the learning evaluation process with clear, concise and methodology-sound evaluations for various modalities (ILT, vILT, eLearning, micro-learning, workflow learning etc). Doing this will yield nice internal benchmarks. Further, while tactical programs are measured, one can also measure more strategic programs as well.

Stage 3 – Strategic This is a further advancement in measurement maturity. The evaluation process considers additional and specific business outcome indicators one can gather conditionally on the evaluations, as well as looking at monthly or quarterly operational KPIs (when and where applicable). External benchmarking becomes important here to understand your data better, calibrate goals and motivate by example. Measurement becomes a seamless process for micro-learning platforms like Degreed, LinkedIn Learning, etc.

Stage 4 – Continuous Improvement This is an advanced stage of measurement maturity moving toward optimization and using data to decide in high impact investments, reduce scrap learning, challenging yet attainable goal management and a monetization of impact. Measurement becomes a seamless process for learning on-the-job and learning in the flow of work.

Do you want to learn more about this model? Join us March 11 and 12 in Chicago for an invitation-only meeting where this model will be discussed in detail with L&D practitioners and experts. Contact Us if you want to join the event or if you have question on this model.

Thank you,

The Performitiv Team

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