Know Your L&D Measurement Reporting Audiences

Performitiv interviewed over 180 learning organizations. Through our research, we found three primary audiences that should use learning measurement in their roles.

Instructor/Designer – A tactical L&D professional that needs timely information of a tactical nature to manage and improve their area of the operation. This role needs to see learning evaluation results by question category and also by question or by comment to really understand how one training experience performed before doing the next.

Below is a sample report for this audience.

Program Manager – A manager within L&D that owns a component of the L&D operation such as a program, curricula, location or business unit. They need to compare elements of what they manage to other elements they don’t and they need to look for details in attributes of what they manage (modality, location, demographic) for trends and improvement insights. Ex. Leadership Program manager. This role needs to compare their program to other programs, but also look within the program and do longitudinal exploratory analysis for long-term performance improvement.

Below is a sample report for this audience.

Leader/Stakeholder – A learning leader, or stakeholder, that needs a snapshot at a point in time of key indicators of L&D or program performance. They need concise information that tells a story of efficiency, effectiveness and alignment to outcomes. Ex. Sales VP. They sponsor a sales effectiveness program and would like a summary set of metrics that may have usage, survey and business data on it to tell a story of uptake, quality and impact.

Below is a sample report for this audience.

As can be seen by the above, learning measurement is not a one-size-fits-all process. It is not pulling a bunch of raw data into a giant place and creating cool visuals. Effective learning measurement is knowing your audience and delivering real-time, simple, meaningful reports to them so they can do their jobs in a data-driven way.

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Thank you,

The Performitiv Team

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