September 16, 2019

How to Show Evidence of Learning Impact

Are you looking to fire up your team about learning measurement? If so, we have a great 1-hour presentation that will do just that! Here is a summary of our session and the learning objectives behind it. We’ve presented this to many organizations and can do it in person or via a webinar format. There is no cost to do it, we just want to help you ignite the insights for learning measurement within your team!

How to Show Evidence of Learning Impact

This presentation will help learning professionals glean insight on practical yet valid ways to tell the story of learning impact.  It will present an approach that is based on roughly reasonable use of evaluation data and business operations data.  Collectively this information can be used to highlight value creation, identify improvements, and associate learning to business outcomes.

In this session you will learn the following objectives:

-Evidence vs. proof

-Types of evidence available to L&D

-How to collect, report and discuss evidence to tell the story of impact

Contact us if you are interested in scheduling a session and/or would like to learn more.

Thank you,

The Performitiv Team

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