July 22, 2019

Learning Measurement, But It’s Different

Learning Measurement, But It’s Different

Performitiv is learning measurement software, but it’s different. We focus on helping our clients optimize the impact of their learning programs and tell the story of impact and value to stakeholders.  Data collection is simple and contemporary. Performitiv’s Insight Engine automatically identifies opportunities for improvement or to leverage, decreasing a client’s time to insight.

Workflow tools allow users to action these insights or collaborate with others to facilitate action. 

Report suites provide a powerful vehicle for further drill-down and analysis.  Scorecards are fully tailorable to a client’s unique KPIs and easily integrated with other systems to link learning to key talent or business outcomes. 

Impact Optimization Model

The Impact Optimization Model™ is a future-forward approach to help professionals create an automated, repeatable process to tell their story of impact, by demonstrating value, while identifying improvement opportunities in their programs. The model leverages descriptive, predictive and prescriptive data collected from multiple sources, such as evaluations, surveys, verbatim, and operational / business metrics in an automated manner, leveraging the Performitiv measurement technology. A result of deploying the model is the calculation of the Performitiv proprietary Impact Rating, which is a blend of performance improvement methodology, combined with causal-modeled learning measurement insight that is scientifically proven to be linked to program impact.  For more information please visit the Impact Optimization Model™ on our website.

Impact Measurement Technology

Performitiv is a contemporary, cloud-based analytics technology. Performitiv optimizes impact by collecting survey data and operational metrics to demonstrate value and identify performance improvement in programs and results for talent development and supplier management professionals. The system uses secure API connections to automate data collection while leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) prescriptive algorithms to innovatively analyze results. Performitiv is scientifically-sound methodology fused with modern technology to transform tedious tasks into a strategic process that optimizes impact while driving collaborative performance improvement.  For more information please visit the Impact Measurement Technology on our website.

Easily Justified and Affordable

Performitiv provides a contemporary approach to measure all learning programs, experiences and assets whether they be formal, informal, on demand or blended.  Clients are up and running quickly with minimal change management.  Practitioners realize an immediate surge in personal productivity and are able to facilitate more insightful meetings with learning leaders and program stakeholders that focus on the alignment of the program impact to key outcomes which are critical to the business.  All of this is affordable, usually for a small percentage of an overall L&D budget.  Given Performitiv is optimized for taking action on the data to improve results, return on investment (ROI) in the system is realized more quickly than with other tools. 

Talk with Us

We invite you to schedule a demonstration of our system. We are confident that you will be impressed. You will see how our solution eliminates dated perceptions of what’s possible. Performitiv delivers against a more dynamic and demanding set of learning measurement expectations, and in the process, creates game changing value.

Thank you,

The Performitiv Team

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