Learning Measurement Webinars

Do you need to jumpstart your learning measurement process? If so consider some of these free webinars that will share timely and relevant insights to help your team re-imagine learning measurement.

July 16 – Measure Micro Learning and Informal Learning. This webinar will highlight an approach to measuring micro learning and informal learning in general. It will focus on four data sources for measurement: consumption, duration, behavior, assessment and results. The webinar will also provide insight as to how to capture this data, transform it into measurable indicators and to tag the information in the most meaningful ways.​​​​​​​

August 8 – How to Use Annotation and Association to Tell Your Story of Learning Impact. This webinar will discuss a practical approach to telling your story of learning impact. It begins with an understanding of impact ratings, operational metrics and competency scores to build reasonable key performance indicators (KPIs). Next it discusses the importance of trending KPIs. Finally it will review how to review the trends and build your story of impact by identifying what learning did to support and contribute to the KPIs at specific time periods.​​​​​​​

September 18 – Learning Impact: Your Story is Your Contribution, Not Your Credit. This webinar will focus on ways to gather evidence of impact to show the contribution of learning to the results vs. attempting to provide cause or credit.  It will showcase specific data collection techniques and specific report illustrations to tell the story of learning’s impact by showcasing learning’s contributions.

October 9 – How to Make Learning Measurement Simpler and Smarter. This webinar will discuss practical approaches to measure learning and tell the story of impact using simple evaluation techniques, simple operational data approaches and simple scorecard best practices.

We hope to see you on these webinars!

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