Re-Imagining Learning Measurement Kickstart Session

Ready for a new learning measurement strategy, and looking to understand steps to success? Performitiv’s Kickstart session helps organizations put their best foot forward when embarking on this important initiative.


The Performitiv Kickstart is a half-day session designed to help your team successfully plan for a new learning measurement initiative. Led by professionals with over a decade experience in organizational learning measurement, the information provided is essential for avoiding pitfalls which can derail well-intentioned strategies.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about the factors that differentiate successfully implemented measurement strategies from “good ideas” that never fully get off the ground.
  2. Understand common pitfalls and tactics to avoid them.
  3. Develop next steps to ensure your team safeguards budget and resources by judiciously launching a well-planned learning measurement strategy.

Kickstart Details:

The Performitiv Kickstart is designed around the following topics:

A. What is Success? Don’t re-imagine learning measurement because you “can,” but because your organization will only thrive if you evolve this critical strategy. Many factors can launch a learning measurement strategy, but sadly only a few make it beyond the “good idea” stage.

B. Pitfall Roadmap: The Performitiv team has worked with hundreds of organizations implementing new measurement strategies. Learn some of the most common issues which derail well-intentioned strategies, as well as steps you can take to avoid them.

C. What Now? Wrap-up the half-day Kickstart with practical steps your organization can take to safeguard your learning measurement implementation strategy, thereby ensuring the greatest value from your available resources.

Want to Learn More?

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