Performitiv Professional Services

Performitiv has a team of experts with knowledge in measuring impact and improving performance for talent development. Our team can help you take your impact optimization to the next level.

Key Performance Indicators Design:

Let our team review and or help create a balanced set of KPI’s to ensure your ability to manage improvement.  The right set of KPI’s create accountability and keep everyone positively focused.

Strategy Development:

Let our team create the blueprint. We can provide you with a solid foundation to begin your strategic development for areas like supplier management or learning measurement. We begin with an understanding of your current ‘As Is’ process and deliver a strategy that includes a ‘Should Be’ state based on expertise, innovation and your resource requirements. Prior to building a full strategy, consider generating some creative insights for it by taking our Re-Imagining Learning Measurement Kickstart Session as it will bring people together for greater collaboration to then build the optimal strategy!

Survey Design:

Let our team review and or help create powerful surveys that blend the right numbers and types of questions to optimize response rates and simplify analysis. Well-designed surveys will help measure and improve performance.

Impact Measurement Workshops:

Let our team share our expertise and experiences in performance measurement and learning impact with your team. We have tailored workshops for L&D measurement. These 2 day, 1 day or half-day sessions are interactive and engaging to generate creative insights for all participants.  For more information on our L&D measurement workshop please visit L&D Measurement Workshop

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