Strategy Development

A strategy development session with our team will begin with an understanding of the “as is” process used today versus the desired state. Once we understand the expertise, technology and resource requirements necessary to achieve this desired state, we will provide you with an achievable blueprint and solid foundation to begin implementation. Consider taking this Learning Measurement Diagnostic to generate some initial insights.

Management Reporting

One of the greatest issues learning organizations face is demonstrating value to business executives. To solve this requires highly effective management reporting. Performitiv, and the experts and practitioners involved in the development of the Net Impact System, designed a reporting framework that focuses on cutting waste, aligning learning goals to business goals, and using hard data to better demonstrate learning’s impact on the business. Contact us here if you are interested in learning more.

Net Impact System Management Reporting Certification

This practical, hands-on certification program will cover everything from managing executive conversations, to executive and operational management reporting, and presenting the data. Become a certified Management Reporting Professional (MRP) today! Click here to learn more.

Survey Design

Let our team review and or help create powerful surveys that blend the right numbers and types of questions to optimize response rates and simplify analysis. Well-designed surveys greatly impact learning’s ability to take action on data.

Learning Optimization Workshops

Let our team share our expertise and experiences in performance measurement and learning impact with your team. We have tailored workshops for L&D measurement. These 2 day, 1 day or half-day sessions are interactive and engaging to generate creative insights for all participants. For more information on our L&D measurement workshop please visit Learning Optimization Workshop.

Key Performance Indicators Design

Let our team review and or help create a balanced set of KPI’s to ensure your ability to manage improvement. The right set of KPI’s create accountability and keep everyone positively focused.

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