Impact Measurement Technology

Performitiv is a contemporary, cloud-based analytics technology. Performitiv optimizes impact by collecting survey data and operational metrics to demonstrate value and identify performance improvement in programs and results for talent development and supplier management professionals. The system uses secure API connections to automate data collection while leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) prescriptive algorithms to innovatively analyze results. Performitiv is scientifically-sound methodology fused with modern technology to transform tedious tasks into a strategic process that optimizes impact while driving collaborative performance improvement.

  • How does the technology work?

    Start by rolling out our Assessment functionality, which makes it very easy to gather and report on experience ratings and overall performance.

    Once that is successfully launched, roll out our KPI functionality, which streamlines and automates the gathering and reporting of key performance indicators. By combining items like assessment ratings with operational KPI's, clients are able to create highly effective scorecards.

    For clients that want to be more data-driven and better manage partners and processes to make significant gains in improving performance, use our Workflow functionality. This includes automated reminders to task owners to complete their improvement items to close the loop on improving performance.

    Reporting is simple and actionable. Artificial Inteligence (AI) algorithms scan data to highlight risk and opportunities. Scorecards are configurable to intended audiences, exploratory analysis yields meaningful comparisons, and tactical reports provide creative insights for day-to-day inprovements.

  • Assessments

    Performitiv has an assessment library to choose from in areas for learning development, talent development, supplier management and risk management. Users can copy/edit these or they can author their own assessments.

  • Operational Metrics

    Performitiv has a library of operational metrics to utilize for tracking key performance indicators (KPIs). Users can create their own KPIs by importing, inputting or uploading the KPIs and they are then available for scorecard viewing.

  • Tactical Reporting

    Understand the details of your assessment data by accessing simple reports that immediately inform you of strengths and weaknesses. Drill down to view the data by question and by demographic.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Performitiv uses AI to scrape system data and provides intelligent alerts when there are performance and compliance issues. It is like having a junior analyst constantly reviewing your data for negative and positive outliers.

  • Scorecards

    Scorecards give executives and program managers concise, articulate summaries of assessment data, operational data, risk data and other data you have collected, imported, input or uploaded. These are summarized as key performance indicators (KPIs) for strategic conversations.

  • Explore

    Exploratory analysis can compare different facets of your programs to quickly identify the broad opportunities for improvement that will have long-lasting impact.

  • Action Plan

    Action plans allow you to take action on your data. When there is poor performance you can create accountability and visibility by creating action plans tied to KPIs. Workflow automation informs people assigned to tasks to work toward the improvements you'd like to make for future positive performance change.

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