How Does The Technology Work?

Performitiv goes beyond traditional evaluations and scorecards, using a highly configurable and automated process to measure and improve strategic, visible and costly programs. The system serves as a centralized platform for the collection, analysis and reporting of evaluation data and operational data.

Performitiv Connect

Performitiv can securely implement connectors to effectively aid in the transfer of data between tools. Common examples include: CSV Class Upload, CSV Data Upload (survey data from other platforms), File-Based Integrations (XML or CSV), Public API, and API connectors to an LMS or business tool.


Assessments are used to collect evaluation data. Performitiv offers a library of standard assessments across various experience types and modalities, as well as the ability to create from scratch.

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) streamline and automate the gathering and reporting of business outcome data. KPIs can be converted into evaluation questions for strategic programs with a desired business outcome.

Operational Data

Performitv can gather operational data to trend and track in order to tell the story of learnings contribution and connection to the results.

Reporting & Insights

Performitiv offers both class/experience level and aggregate reporting, as well as insight tools to analyze and compare data by “tags” (attributes), internal and external benchmarking, and trending.

Assessment Summaries

Assessment Summaries can report at the individual class and aggregate levels. These reports include: Impact, Average and Top 2 Box scores, question and demographic detail, and comments.


Scorecards provide high-level, aggregate reporting on data configured by the organization. Scorecards display overall scores, category actual vs. goal results and benchmarks.

Compare Tool

The Compare Tool provides research and analysis that helps identify areas of strength and improvement opportunities. It analyzes data by demographic, instructor, program, modality, and business unit.

Benchmark Analysis

Benchmark Analysis offers insight on internal and external benchmarks by industry, modality, program and audience.

Impact Details

The Impact Details tool provides your Net Impact Score (the NPS calculation for learning), High and Low Impact Scores, as well as trend lines to track progress and benchmark comparisons.


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