Talent Development

Talent Development is strategic to any organization. The need to measure and improve L&D programs, leadership development, and recruiting is critical to attracting, growing and retaining people. Performitiv’s performance improvement software makes the effort to measure the programs, processes and partners within this function simple and data-driven to drive immediate impact and value.


We help measure, communicate and improve performance of


Performitiv delivers talent development managers a platform to collect, process, store and report critical business intelligence that will:

  • Highlight effective and wasteful L&D initiatives
  • Identify areas of impact from strategic leadership programs
  • Pinpoint the right candidates to move forward in your recruiting process

Performitiv’s measurement tools are exhaustive yet flexible and include:

  • Evaluations based on credible measurement methodologies
  • Activity and impact data uploads and imports
  • Dashboards and Scorecards for executive level summaries
  • Transactional reports for exploratory analysis and change identification


Performitiv centralizes and automates transactional tasks that go into managing critical programs and partnerships such as:

  • Workflow automation to distribute data requests
  • Action plan templates to drive improvements based on measurements
  • Document management to centrally store notes and critical documents
  • Contract management to track talent development partner obligations’

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