Information Technology

Information Technology is a risk sensitive and highly critical function. Monitoring performance across its processes and with its business partners is paramount to success. Performitiv’s performance improvement software consolidates and scores feedback and operational metrics for areas like IT support or system uptime and provides automated workflows to deliver corrective action plans for performance improvement.


We help measure, communicate and improve performance of

  • IT maintenance programs (ex. hardware, software, telephony, networking)
  • IT support functions (ex. help desk)
  • IT implementations and changeovers
  • IT business partner relationships


Performitiv delivers IT managers a platform to collect, process, store and report critical business intelligence that will:

  • Highlight IT services that are in need of change and improvement
  • Identify IT implementations that need adjustment and oversight
  • Pinpoint insights to help deliver or drive more value from IT partnerships

Performitiv’s measurement tools are exhaustive yet flexible and include:

  • Feedback surveys to gather experiences from all stakeholders
  • Operational data uploads to measure and trend SLA performance
  • Dashboards and Scorecards to view internally and share with stakeholders
  • Transactional reports for exploratory analysis and change identification


Performitiv centralizes and automates transactional tasks that go into managing critical IT programs, processes and partnerships such as:

  • Workflow automation to distribute data requests, updates, and renewals
  • Action plan templates to drive improvement actions based on measurements
  • Document management to centrally store notes and critical documents
  • Contract management to track compliance with agreed terms/conditions

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