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The Net Impact System is a continuous improvement methodology focused on improving the ways Talent Development measures and analyzes its impact. A critical component of this approach involves world-class Management Reporting to effectively tell the story of impact through consistent, actionable reports that resonate with business leaders.


The objectives of Management Reporting are to:


~ Enable executive reporting, both within the function (e.g. CLO, CHRO) and for the business (e.g. C-Suite Sponsors, CEO).

~ Focus management reporting on impact and performance aligned to the function and strategic programs/initiatives.

~ Measure what’s most critical to drive continuous improvement.

~ Root out the red! Address poor performance with transparency and provide the business with an improvement plan.

Why Certify?

This hands-on certification program will enable you and your organization to better facilitate conversations with executives while telling the story of learning’s impact on the business. Further, it will provide guidance related to implementing an effective measurement strategy that produces actionable, continuous improvement reporting. By completing this program, you will become a certified Management Reporting Professional (MRP).

Content Highlights

~ Introduction to Net Impact System
~ Establishing the Right Measurement
~ Reporting Overview
~ Operational Management Reporting
~ Presenting Your Data
~ Managing Executive Conversations
~ Change Management & Communications
~ Executive Reporting
~ Dashboards

Certification Requirements




$1,000 per participant


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