ClientLoyalty Rolls Out Friendly, Flexible Unlimited Use Plans

ClientLoyalty implements flexible and unlimited use pricing plans with free upgrades as they become available so any relationship manager can easily and affordably get started measuring their client and supplier relationships in a smarter, data-driven way.

CHICAGO, IL. [May 16, 2016] ClientLoyalty, an Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) software company, has rolled out its friendly, flexible pricing plans. These plans are based on feedback from both client success managers and supplier relationship managers that want to measure their entire portfolios and categories through ClientLoyalty but do so in an easy way with no long-term commitment.

The new pricing available at begins at $99/month/ID for unlimited data collection and unlimited numbers of client or supplier relationships. The plans are month-to-month so cancellations can occur prior to the following month. In addition, subscribers get access to the most premium version of ClientLoyalty, the Enterprise plan and as new functionality inclusive in this plan is delivered all subscribers during this special adoption period receive the functionality good through one-year from the initial subscription period. “Subscribers are excited about these new plans because they offer a low cost of entry and a low risk without long-term commitment while receiving the full benefit of new features such as risk management, contact management, an assessment center, contract management, document management, and spend management features rolling out over the next several months,” commented Kent Barnett, Chairman and CEO of ClientLoyalty.

Subscribers will reap the benefit of collecting 360 -feedback, operational metrics, and social/news sentiment without limit so they can better collaborate through data-driven relationship management. “Things like locked commitments, large implementation fees, and high cost of tool ownership are outdated concepts. Savvy users want software that is simple, affordable and flexible to acquire, friendly to start using and generates immediate value and that’s the position we’ve taken at ClientLoyalty,” commented Barnett.

About ClientLoyalty ClientLoyalty is an enterprise relationship management software company that optimizes relationships between buyers and suppliers. ClientLoyalty helps organizations continuously improve by analyzing direct feedback, social sentiment and operational data creating stronger bonds of loyalty and mitigating switching costs and churn.

Flexible, Affordable Pricing

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