February 8, 2021

Measure Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Many organizations are conducting diversity and inclusion programs. In these efforts, training departments should be playing a major role in ensuring employees receive and apply this valuable training. Given the importance of the topic, evaluation should not just be a standard exercise. In fact, you may want to do away with the normal ‘Level 1’ […]

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February 1, 2021

The Net Impact System is Here!

After nearly two years of monthly meetings from top L&D practitioners and experts, Performitiv is happy to announce the Net Impact System (NIS) is here! The Net Impact System is a continuous improvement approach designed by Talent Development, for Talent Development. NIS is made up of six components that focus on linking learning’s value to […]

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January 18, 2021

Telling the Story of Learning’s Value while Continuously Improving Impact

Continue to advance your learning measurement acumen by attending our next free webinar on February 10. The webinar will focus on using evaluations to find evidence of learning impact. Additionally, it will discuss how to gather operational key metrics and trend them over time to understand learning’s contribution to the measures, as well as the […]

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January 11, 2021

Transform and Change Your Learning Measurement Process

Performitiv will host its engaging learning measurement workshop on April 14, 2021. This workshop is completely free and now completely virtual! What will you learn by attending this workshop? You will learn a methodology that was built by practitioners for practitioners. You will receive and review standard learning evaluations that are built for impact and […]

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January 7, 2021

Virtual Learning Optimization Workshop

Event:  Virtual Learning Optimization Workshop Date:  Wednesday, April 14, 2021 Time:  10am – 4pm CST Location:  Virtual (details to be emailed to registrants) Overview:  Demonstrating value and showing impact is a top priority for L&D executives. This does not need to be complex or cumbersome, nor a project – it can be reasonable, reliable and repeatable. This workshop will discuss how […]

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December 28, 2020

The Pocket Learning Measurement Strategy

Performitiv worked with world class learning experts and practitioners to create the Net Impact System. The model is a toolset to measure all aspects of a learning experience regardless of modality. The model has many tools, including the Impact Process Map. The Map is a concise, articulate and highly effective learning measurement strategy. The Map […]

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December 21, 2020

Save the Date – March 9/10

Mark your calendars! On March 9 and 10 2021 Performitiv will sponsor and host a free, virtual learning analytics summit. The Summit will feature practitioners who have worked together as a Talent Development Optimization Council to create the Net Impact System. The Summit will be a great way to glean creative insights from real-world practitioners […]

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December 15, 2020

Virtual Learning Analytics Summit

Thank you for joining Performitiv’s 2021 Virtual Learning Analytics Summit! Presentations and related resources are provided below. Presentations/Resources Introducing the Net Impact System: Learning’s Role in Optimizing Human Capital — Kent Barnett, Performitiv Download Presentation Deck Download Optimizing Talent: Net Impact System Whitepaper Driving L&D Effectiveness and Impact at Deloitte — Graham Johnston, Deloitte Download […]

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December 14, 2020

Diagnose Gaps in Learning Measurement

Diagnose where you have gaps in learning measurement and how big they are compared to other gaps. This will help you prioritize your limited resources on the most important areas in need of change. As a resource to do this, you can take this quick and simple learning measurement diagnostic to receive immediate feedback on how […]

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December 7, 2020

Performitiv’s Latest Release

Performitiv’s latest software release occurred today! The highlights of this release include: — Enhanced User Interface — Benchmark Reporting — Net Impact Reporting This new UI provides clients with direct access to features, and easier navigation throughout the site. The additional reporting features provide greater insight on data, both through internal and external benchmarking and […]

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November 30, 2020

3 Goals for Learning Measurement

As we approach a new year, learning measurement seems to be on the wish list of many L&D professionals. As a result, we wanted to share three goals for learning measurement. These goals can form your strategic objectives and guide your measurement process. Goal #1. Link learnings value to the business. Do this in a […]

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November 23, 2020

5 Ways to Demonstrate Value

L&D organizations want to demonstrate their value. Here are 5 ways to do this. One: Calculate Net Impact Score. This goes beyond averages and Top 2 Box to better reflect the diversity of data. This is similar to Net Promoter Score, but with a focus on impact. Using a standard 0 to 10 scale, a […]

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November 16, 2020

Performitiv Test Drive

As year-end approaches, organizations are looking to get a head start toward 2021. Learning measurement is one of the top priorities in 2021. As a result, Performitiv, a learning measurement technology company, is offering a free trial of its technology. Organizations who quality for the trial will be able to test drive the Performitiv proprietary […]

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November 8, 2020

We’ve Got Webinars!

If you want to improve your learning measurement acumen we’ve got free, monthly webinars to help you. Please review and register for any of these upcoming events to stimulate creative insights to better learning measurement. Dec 9 – Learning Measurement Tools Jan 6 – Learning Measurement Demo Feb 10 -Telling Learning’s Story Mar 10 – […]

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November 2, 2020

The Net Impact System has Tools to Help You

The Performitiv Net Impact System is more than a methodology to measure learning impact, it is a toolset. Below are the tools it has to help you show your learning connection and contribution to business and talent impact. Net Impact Score: Goes beyond averages and Top 2 Box to better reflect the diversity of data. […]

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October 26, 2020

New Human Capital Reporting Rules from the SEC

In August of 2020, the SEC published new rules for human capital reporting of public companies. The rule requires human capital metrics for companies subject to SEC reporting requirements. It will continue to require reporting of employee counts, but encourages additional information, such as temporary, part-time and contractor counts too. In summary, the new rule […]

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October 19, 2020

Terrific Webinar Schedule

If you’re looking for awesome content that is totally free about learning measurement, look no further than our upcoming webinar schedule. November 10 – Learning Measurement Strategy. December 9 – Learning Measurement Tools. January 6 – Modernizing L&D Evaluation. February 10 – Telling the Story of Impact. March 10 – The Learning Optimization Model. We […]

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October 12, 2020

Performitiv Strongly Represented at CTR Conference

The Center for Talent Reporting (CTR) is holding a virtual conference October 26-30, 2020. This is a great event if you are a learning measurement and evaluation practitioner. The entire event is dedicated to measurement! Performitiv is strongly represented at the CTR Conference as we will have two presentations from the Performitiv team and three […]

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October 5, 2020

Net Impact System Resources

Leading organizations spent over a year and a half working with Performitiv to create a modern, comprehensive model for learning measurement known as the Net Impact System. The model is made up of six components that focus on linking learning’s value to actual business outcomes: Net Impact Score, Impact Process Map, Executive Evaluation Scorecard, Business […]

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September 28, 2020

Learning Measurement Using the Impact Process Map

Performitiv has a great webinar coming up on October 7 where we will discuss how to use an impact process map to measure learning. The webinar will review not only basic measurement needs like quality of learning, but differentiate between a business outcome (ex. sales) and a talent outcome (ex. culture), offering clear and simple […]

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