May 26, 2020

Measuring Re-boarding

Reboard to new cultural norms

While there is a long way to go, organizations are beginning to resume their operations again. In doing so, they begin the process of “re-boarding”. Re-boarding is the process of returning employees to a job where they were temporarily furloughed or returning employees to a routine they had been asked to change due to the pandemic. These are important undertakings and L&D functions should play an active role in these efforts.

Measurement is critical for such an important initiative. As a learning measurement company, there are a few questions we suggest you consider as part of the evaluation process.

“As a direct result of this re-boarding program I am confident and comfortable I can maintain my job performance at a high level.”

“This re-boarding program was highly relevant and applicable in my current moment of need.”

“Our organization prioritized my well-being and safety and communicated this promptly, clearly and transparently during this re-boarding process.”

“The learning organization has been supportive, responsive, flexible and useful to me during the re-boarding process.”

The first question helps the L&D operation understand if the re-boarding program was contributing to impactful on-the-job performance. The second question is a measure of fit, evaluating if the re-boarding program was the right delivery with the right content at the right time for this audience. The third question is broader and looks to measure if the organization as a whole was acting in a supportive manner during the re-boarding process. The fourth question focuses on the L&D team and whether it was supportive to employees during the re-boarding process.

So, if you are beginning to re-board employees back to work or to a routine keep in mind that measurement is important. We hope the above-mentioned questions are helpful to you in evaluating re-boarding efforts so that the re-boarding process provides employees with confidence and comfort in returning to the job.

Here is hope to a lot more re-boarding in the days, weeks and months ahead!

Thank you,

The Performitiv Team

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