Learning Optimization Workshop Going Virtual

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First, on behalf of all of us at Performitiv, we hope you are staying safe and are well during this time of crisis.

Second, we understand you may be busy navigating changes to your L&D operation.  This likely involves changes to deliveries, facilitation, and content.  As a result, if you find that any of these changes require data to ensure these decisions are working out the right way, we may be able to assist you in evaluating the quality and effectiveness of modalities like eLearning, on-demand learning and virtual facilitation.  

As a result of the current environment, Performitiv has accelerated its implementation process to support organizations who need rapid access to learning metrics but are on limited budgets.

Additionally, we are offering our popular Learning Optimization Workshop virtually.  This will take place on April 29 from 10am to 4pm Central Time.  This special version of the workshop may help you think through creative ways to gather much needed data on programs that are likely undergoing significant change.  

Finally, we realize L&D programs are undergoing stressful change and data may help manage risk and ensure quality, so please reach out if you would like to speak with us so we might listen to your situation and offer some guidance.

Once more, please stay safe and in good health.

Take care,
The Performitiv Team

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