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Programs like leadership, onboarding and sales are strategic, visible and costly and should be measured. However, measurement doesn’t have to be a project nor does it need to be perfect and precise. The goal is to create a practical process that provides evidence of impact and value using roughly reasonable indicators from data sources like evaluations, tests, assessments and operational data.

Performitiv is designed to measure learning impact from strategic, visible and costly programs. The system collects evaluation data and operational metrics to showcase value creation and identify performance improvement opportunities. Performitiv modernizes learning measurement. Data collection is simple and secure, reporting is engaging and empowers users to act on the data by telling a story of impact while identifying improvement areas.

Performitiv’s technology helps corporate and commercial learning operations measure, communicate and improve strategic, visible and costly learning programs. The solution is a user-oriented technology to measure program quality, identify knowledge gain, showcase impact and associate learning to business outcomes. Evaluation templates can be used for benchmarking against our normative database and to get started quickly. Integration features automate data collection for a practical, scalable process in a secure environment.

Performitiv works with these simple steps:

1)Start by rolling out our Assessment functionality, which makes it very easy to gather and report on impact ratings and overall performance.
2) Next, roll out our KPI functionality, which streamlines and automates the gathering and reporting of business outcome data.
3) When action is needed, use our Workflow functionality to collaborate with your team and your stakeholders in a visible, accountable way.
4) Reporting is actionable. Analysis is embedded to engage and empower users with creative insights to demonstrate value and improve performance.

See how our solution eliminates dated perceptions of what’s possible. It delivers against a more dynamic and demanding set of learning impact expectations, and in the process, creates collaborative, data-driven conversations. We invite you to schedule a demonstration of our system. And because our solution is often implemented in support of multiple strategic, visible and costly programs, we offer a variety of innovative and affordable licensing options.

Thank you,

The Performitiv Team

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