Learning Measurement Functional Requirements

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This blog post shares an overview of the most common functional requirements organizations articulate when looking for a learning analytics technology solution. Use this checklist as a way to sharpen your needs for learning measurement.


___ Offers an API integration mechanism
___ Can do an XML flat file integration
___ Can work without integration
___ Contains self-sufficient authoring tool
___ Allows for admin and report user types
___ Self-sufficient tools to manage system
___ Administered in a cloud-based environment
___ Tag data by learning and learner attribute

Data Collection

___ Standard, valid evaluation templates
___ Evaluate at milestone, completion, on-job
___ Evaluate a third-party stakeholder (manager)
___ Vendor support with custom evaluations
___ Collect multi-instructor events
___ Collect data from conferences/programs
___ Collect data from multiple modalities
___ Automate the distribution of evaluations
___ Collect data using responsive technologies
___ Create and deploy ad hoc surveys
___ Collect/upload operational results (KPIs)
___ Collect data in any scale rating


___ Thought leadership for continual innovation
___ Automated, tactical reporting by experience
___ Aggregate reporting for program managers
___ Configurable Scorecards for executives
___ AI to identify outliers/manage by exception
___ Access to raw data for offline analysis
___ Export reports to non-system users
___ Benchmark standard evaluation metrics
___ Various views of comment analysis
___ Aggregate results by program/curricula
___ Combine ops and eval data in a single view
___ Ability to annotate to tell impact story
___ Action plans to assign improvement opportunities
___ Report Suite concept (vs. individual reports)


___ Multiple contact methods (phone, email)
___ Dedicated account team
___ Access to measurement experts

The good news is that Performitiv meets and exceeds ALL of these requirements! If you want to learn more contact us.

Thank you,

The Performitiv Team

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