March 4, 2019

Evidence of Impact is in Popular Demand

Last week Performitiv led a day-long workshop dedicated to showing evidence of learning impact in practical yet meaningful ways. Every available seat was filled by learning professionals engaged and eager to glean creative insights to tell stories of learning’s impact to the business.

This phenomenon is not unique to last week. When we did these workshops in the past they consistently had learning professionals who were passionate about measuring learning application and associating learning alignment to results.

Why is this notable? It clearly shows a strong desire by learning practitioners to modernize their learning measurement tools. Most participants desire innovative approaches and contemporary technologies to show evidence of impact.

This doesn’t mean generating more reports, but rather, using tools like AI to translate data into analysis and insight. It means leveraging scientifically-sound, methodologically-aligned instruments to predict impact and act on the data when necessary. It means leveraging secure API connections to automate the gathering and analysis of business impact data. It means analyzing comments for the user vs. making them do it themselves. It means creating readily available, configurable scorecards to have collaborative conversations with stakeholders that tell the story of learning’s impact. Overall, it means a much easier process that is practical, scalable and repeatable to the learning function.

Learning measurement is evolving. Modern technologies are more cost-effective, easier to use, and generating insights vs. reports. Conversations are constructive and data-driven to optimize impact and improve performance.

On March 28 we’re hosting our next Learning Impact Workshop in Chicago. Another is May 8th in San Francisco. These will be great experiences for learning professionals to network, learn and share impact approaches. Contact us at to see if you’re eligible for a free pass. We can’t wait to engage with these attendees and feel the energy to modernize learning measurement!

The Performitiv Team

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