January 28, 2019

Modernized Learning Analytics – 7 Key Elements

If you’re looking to update your learning measurement process, keep these 7 factors in mind.  These are the items that future-forward organizations are doing to make learning measurement more meaningful to their business.

1. Use Scientifically Sound Impact Measures

At Performitiv we have created a unique set of impact ratings, including an ‘ultimate’ impact rating using NPS geared toward L&D combined with statistically linked questions tied to impact.  It is important to ask the right questions built the right way.

2.Incorporate Proven Improvement Methodology

Tools like NPS, Six Sigma and TQM are fundamental to measurement.  Measurement is about showing value and improving over time.  Incorporating continuous improvement into your measurement model, evaluations, impact ratings and reports is critical to impact optimization.  

3.Enable Simplified Data Collection, Reporting

Modern learners and users of metrics don’t have time to provide lots of feedback or pour over analysis.  Simple, UI optimized data collection and reporting is paramount to engaging respondents and report users in a positive experience.

4.Link Impact Measures to Business Outcomes

Measure impact by constantly gathering impact ratings at a predictive and prescriptive level.  Annotate and associate this data to business outcomes via trend and control group so you can positively tell the story of value and impact.

5.Integrate with the LMS Using Secure, Reliable APIs

Security and reliability matter.  When integrating systems use APIs that offer flexibility in addition to security and reliability so systems can exchange data with one another easily and in a reliable, safe manner.

6.Report Exceptions with AI-Generated Prescriptive Measures

AI can help program managers and stakeholders manage by exception by highlighting outliers.  It can also parse through thousands of comments to organize them into themes and code them as positive or negative, so use AI to enhance your use of data.

7.Act on the Data with Workflow Automation and Collaboration

Measurement is a process and if the metrics show improvement is needed or you want to speed up the pace of positive change, use collaborative action plans to do this so the process is accountable and visible.  

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Thank you,

The Performitiv Team

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