November 7, 2018

Learning 2018 – Performance and Impact Matter!

Learning 2018 just ended.  It was great to hear over and over again that measuring impact and improving performance is a high priority for future-forward learning organizations.  Performitiv CEO, Kent Barnett and Performitiv client, ADP, co-presented and reinforced a modern learning measurement approach focused on showing evidence of impact and improving performance.  Kent mentioned our new white paper on the Performance Optimization Framework.  You can find that at

It was inspiring to hear and see many discussions focused not only on measuring learning impact but acting on the data to improve performance not only of programs but of people and real results.  This conference reinforced that the world of learning measurement is rapidly evolving with new tools, technologies and approaches.

At Performitiv, we are leading the charge to modernize learning measurement. We’re using AI in innovative ways to provide real-time data insights.  We’re leveraging automated workflows to allow learning consultants to act on their data faster and easier.  We’ve identified critical data methods to measure micro-learning and informal learning.  We’ve implemented a scientifically-proven model that emphasizes the difference between impact and outcomes.  We’ve built contemporary tools to make it simple to gather operational data and capability data not found on evaluations.  Finally, we do all of this not just for better training but for improved performance in people, programs, and results!  Conversations with stakeholders and learning leaders become collaborative not controversial if you have the right business data and learning data to tell the story!

Want to be part of the movement to modernize learning measurement?  Contact us at, we’d love for you to be part of this amazing journey!

The Performitiv Team


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