Do you need to update your supplier management process?

Performitiv is Updating Supplier Management
In researching organizations of various sizes, geographies and industries a need exists to update, modernize and upgrade supplier management strategy, process and tools.  Better data models for feedback, operational metrics and risk are needed.  Better tagging of contract details, document types and contact roles are needed.  If suppliers are better managed, more value can be received from the relationship.

Performitiv has the following resources to support your team if it is thinking of updating and refreshing its supplier management strategy, process and tools.

Educational & Networking Events uniquely targeted to you

Free Digital Content on Supplier Management Strategy

Methodology & Performitiv Platform Walk-through

Finally, will you be at ISM 2018 May 6-9 in Nashville? If so, stop by Performitiv Booth 612. We’ll show you why we represent a modern and fresh approach to supplier management technology where data is not just collected and reported but really used to create more value with your suppliers.

Thank you,

The Performitiv Team

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