Supplier Management Workshop, May 24, Chicago


This workshop provides techniques and tools a supplier manager needs to get the most value out of supplier relationships and build the business case to do so. The workshop is broken down into four major topics relationship management, performance management, process management and business case.


Relationship Management. These are fundamental skills supplier managers need for positive, collaborative interactions with suppliers and internal team members. Topics covered in this section include change management, supplier on-boarding, and project management.

Performance Management. These are the necessary skills supplier managers need to ensure accountability and governance with suppliers. Topics covered in this section include: scorecard data and methodology, key performance indicators and risk management.

Process Management. These are classic skills supplier managers must have for daily interactions with suppliers to ensure governance and compliance. Topics covered in this section include: contact management, contract management, spend management, and document management.

Business Case. These are tools and techniques supplier managers need to gain resources for a supplier management program and toolset. Topics covered include building a business case for supplier management tools and quantification of a business case in qualitative and quantitative terms.

Location & Cost:

The workshop will take place in Chicago, IL from 9.3o to 4.30 on May 24.  The cost is $149/person.


Click this link to register:

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