January 15, 2018

Learning Measurement Workshop

Do you need to educate your team on learning effectiveness and telling the story of impact?  Performitiv offers a 1-day workshop to do just that.   More information is below.

Overview:  A top priority of L&D executives is to demonstrate value and show impact.  This does not need to be complex or cumbersome nor a project.  It can be reasonable, reliable and repeatable.  This workshop will discuss how to use an evidence-based measurement process to demonstrate value and  show learning impact.

Learning Objectives: 1) Understand how to collect impact ratings on evaluations to predict and provide evidence of impact.  2)  Learn how to gather business outcome performance metrics to show association to learning programs.  3) Review how to act on data to optimize impact and improve program performance.

Workshop Details: The workshop is organized into the following sections.

Data Collection

— Understand how to fuse learning measurement methodology with performance improvement methodology.

— Review sample assessments to understand how to create simpler, impact-oriented instruments.

— Determine how to edit questions to make them more human and fun.

— Discuss how to create and use business and activity metrics to associate and correlate to learning over time.

Reviewing Reports

— Map audience types to report various impact ratings.

— Learn how to build less reports with more insights.

— Understand how to review tactical data for improvements.

— Understand how to do exploratory analysis to find evidence of impact.

— Understand how to build a scorecard to convey impact and value.

— Discuss methods to more effectively review verbatim/comments.

— Review how to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to support analysis.

Data Action

— Learn how to change the narrative of executive conversations to be more collaborative vs. controversial.

— Understand how to develop and use action plans to improve performance.

— Review the importance of workflow automation to create accountability.

Want to Learn More?

For more information about our workshop, please contact us at info@performitiv.com.

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