January 15, 2018

Learning Measurement Workshop

Do you need to educate your team on learning measurement concepts?  Performitiv offers a workshop to do just that.  Our workshops can be done in a half day, 1 or 2 days. More information is below.

Overview: Over the last 15 years L&D professionals have been told to focus on big data and learning analytics and that doing so earns a seat at the table. What has transpired from this has been an effort to collect a lot of data and generate a lot of reports. The unintended consequences of this are low response rates and limited use of the data to improve performance. This session will present a fresh approach to shift the mindset from measurement and reporting to performance improvement.

Learning Objectives: 1. Understand how Net Promoter System can be fused into the measurement process. 2. Learn how a simpler process can allow you to act on your data and see improvements. 3. Glean insight to shift the conversation from proving your value to improving business performance.

Workshop Details: The workshop is organized into the following sections.

Data Collection

Understand how to fuse learning measurement methodology with performance improvement methodology.
Review sample assessments to understand how to create simpler instruments.
Determine how to edit questions to make them more human and fun.
Discuss how to create and use business and activity metrics that go beyond survey data.

Reviewing Reports

Map audience types to report outputs and needs.
Learn how to build less reports with more insights.
Understand how to review tactical data for improvement insights.
Understand how to do exploratory analysis for broader trends.
Understand how to build a scorecard for management discussions.
Discuss methods to more effectively review verbatim/comments.
Review how to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to support analysis.

Data Action

Learn how to change the narrative of executive conversations to be more collaborative vs. controversial.
Understand how to develop and use action plans to improve performance.
Review the importance of workflow automation to create accountability.

Want to Learn More?

For more information about our workshop, please contact us at info@performitiv.com.

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