Simple, Data Driven Approaches to Manage Suppliers

Supplier managers and procurement professionals want to improve how they manage suppliers in 3 ways:
1. Make the process simple.
2. Use data to drive change.
3. Take a performance improvement approach.

Performitiv’s supplier management technology embodies all of these needs. It’s a simple tool to configure supplier scorecards, risk, performance and feedback data highlight where change should be and automated action plans drive a performance improvement relationship.

If you want to rethink how your supplier management process should work, consider attending our upcoming webinar:

January 16 – How to Manage Change, Projects and OnBoarding of Suppliers

Do you want to learn more about how to make supplier management a simpler process that is more compliant, data driven and creates a culture of continuous improvement? Contact us at for a discussion.

Thank you,
The Performitiv Team

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