Simple, Data Driven Approaches To Improve L&D Impact

L&D leaders want 3 primary changes to how they measure their programs.
1.  Make measurement simpler.
2.  Run fewer reports.
3.  Take more action on data.

Performitiv’s L&D technology embodies these principles.
1. Simple data collection that is clean, concise and articulate.
2. Streamlined reporting laser focused on the user audience.
3. Artificial Intelligence and Action Plans to act on the data.

We have some upcoming events that will further share the principles of simple data collection, less reporting and more action on your data.  If you have a need to rethink how you’re measuring L&D and using that data for improvement, consider attending any of these events.

January 17 – Webinar
How to Collect Learning Evaluation Data So It’s Simple Yet Actionable!

February 8 – Webinar
The 4 Report Tools You Need to Manage Learning Performance Improvement

March 1 – 1 Day L&D Measurement Workshop

Also, if your team is at ATD Tech Knowledge January 24-26 stop by and see us at Booth 416.

Finally, if none of the above events meet your needs. contact us at and we’re happy to discuss your specific needs.

Thank you,
The Performitiv Team

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