Learn How to Improve Your Supplier Management Function

Performitiv has some great opportunities to sharpen your supplier management skills with our upcoming webinars and workshops.

January 16 Free Webinar – How to Manage Change, Projects and OnBoarding of Suppliers. Click here for details.

One-Day Class – Supplier Management Workshop
Do you have a team that needs to increase their knowledge and skills in supplier management? Contact us at info@performitiv.com for details on our 1 day supplier management workshop that teaches the concepts of relationship management, performance management, process management and the business case for SRM. The workshop is engaging and affordable and will generate several creative insights to spark your team’s supplier management strategy and process.

Finally, if your current toolset for measuring and managing suppliers is not working for you, consider Performitiv software, it’s different. We fuse supplier scorecards with performance improvement concepts. Data collection is simple. Outputs focus less on reports and more on actions to create positive impact to your team and the supplier. Contact us at info@performitiv.com for further details on how our software might align to your needs.

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