ClientLoyalty changes name to Performitiv

Founded in 2015, ClientLoyalty began as a technology to connect buyers and suppliers to measure, communicate and improve relationships.  Today the company becomes Performitiv, reflecting its roots in supplier management and its expertise in transformational performance improvement within lines of business that include supplier management, talent development, customer success, information technology and sales and marketing functions.

Performitiv is not about traditional performance management but moves past dated perceptions. It delivers against a more dynamic set of performance improvement expectations to create game changing value.  Today’s companies need data-driven software to know they’re improving strategic, visible and costly programs (ex. L&D), processes (ex. IT Support) and partners (ex. Suppliers or Clients).  Performitiv replaces traditional scorecards and evaluations with a persistent, active management platform –a highly scalable and integrated data collection, analysis and reporting system.

“When we began our journey we learned that managing partner relationships was highly fragmented and in need of improvement.  At the same time, true improvement extends beyond the buyer and supplier partnership and impacts programs and processes, hence the name change and refinement of our technology,” cited Kent Barnett, CEO of Performitv.

Performitiv’s team has expertise in building performance improvement software having done so in areas like learning, supplier management and project management.  Performitiv aggregates and analyzes operational, survey, sentiment and risk data complemented by automation and workflow tools to improve manager agility. The result is clarity into quality, impact, compliance and value.

“The ability to improve performance of strategic programs, processes and partners is at the heart of what Performitiv does.  Whether you’re running major L&D programs, operating critical IT support functions or managing strategic supplier relationships, Performitiv will not only measure but more importantly improve what you do and how you do it,” cited Barnett.

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