Performance Improved: Programs, Processes and Partners

Lines of business and functions such as talent development, supplier management, customer success, information technology and sales/marketing improve performance by focusing on practical yet repeatable measurement.

Regardless of whether you’re measuring a program (ex. L&D program, marketing campaign), a process (ex. IT support) or a partnership (ex. Tier 1 vendor) measurement is ultimately how we manage, communicate and improve these strategic, visible and costly functions.

Given today’s limited money, time and personnel resources, a measurement strategy should take a crawl/walk/run approach. We suggest the following:

Start by rolling out articulate evaluations which makes it very easy to gather and report on items like quality, risk, satisfaction, impact and value through simple, concise evaluation ratings. We suggest infusing NPS into this process, it works well.

Once that is successfully launched, roll out operational KPI’s using activity data and performance data. By combining items like evaluation ratings with operational KPI’s, managers are able to create highly effective scorecards to share with stakeholders.

For managers that want to better maintain oversight for programs, processes and relationships, consider using automation workflow technology and tools. This reminds people when to do things that could be really important and records the updates for transparency and visibility. For example, a task on a correction action may need an automated reminder if it is overdue.

Ultimately, when looking to measure for performance improvement keep these attributes in mind:

1) Gather feedback based on credible methodologies (ex. NPS)
2) Combine activity and operational KPIs to evaluation ratings
3) Use simple dashboards and scorecards to summarize data
4) Use transactional reports for exploratory analysis
5) Leverage workflow automation to distribute requests
6) Generate action plans to drive improvements
7) Include document management for managing notes and sensitive information
8) Incorporate contract management to track key terms and conditions

Performance improvement technology advances are eliminating dated perceptions of what’s possible. They deliver against a more dynamic and demanding set of expectations and in doing so, creates game changing value.

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